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Design and Buildability in Construction: Balancing Aesthetics and Feasibility

This article explores the critical interplay between design and buildability in construction, emphasising the importance of creating spaces that are not only attractive to the eye, but function efficiently.

Design in the Context of Buildability

A good fit out partner will interrogate a design beyond visual presentation; it must transition from concept to reality without compromising integrity or budget.

Buildability refers to the efficiency with which a building or structure can be built. It involves factors such as the availability of materials, the construction methods employed, the coordination of different trades and the integration of building services with architectural features.

On construction projects, the integration of design into the buildability process requires close collaboration between design team, contractors and stakeholders from the early stages of a project, which brings to light buildability issues before construction begins. This proactive approach achieves programme savings, waste and rework during the construction phase.

Look Good, Act Bad - The Paradox of Design

The paradox of design refers to the challenges that arise when delivering visually appealing designs while also ensuring functionality. It’s often assumed that a design must sacrifice functionality in order to achieve a visually appealing aesthetic.

Precise planning is crucial to ensure that every aspect of the design is carefully considered and integrated into the overall built vision. This involves construction partners collaborating closely with architects and designers to align their ideas and expertise with the client's requirements. By working together as a team, they can overcome any challenges that may arise during the process.

It is important to note the role of materials and construction methods to enhance both form and function. You have to pay attention to selecting high-quality building materials that not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also ensure durability and functionality. Additionally, you need to employ construction methods that are efficient and effective, ensuring that the design is not compromised by poor craftsmanship or inadequate construction techniques.

Challenging the Norm on David Lloyd Leisure

David Lloyd Leisure showcases the Built delivery team in full design interrogation mode! They were able to think creatively while maintaining a practical focus, modifying a UK design to achieve compliance with Irish regulation. This challenging project was shortlisted for Best Hospitality and Leisure Project at the Fit Out Awards.

Contact Us to explore how we can transform your space with a seamless blend of aesthetics and buildability.

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