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Spaces, Donnybrook House

Client Overview:

Customising a spacious office area to accommodate the requirements of its future occupants was paramount for Built Interiors during the office reconfiguration project for Spaces at Donnybrook House in Dublin. 


Office reconfiguration entails adjusting larger office spaces to align with tenants' changing needs. In this instance, Built Interiors spearheaded the transformation of Donnybrook House for Spaces, a purveyor of innovative work environments within the IWG network.


At the core of Built Interiors' strategy lay the adaptation of a smaller space to suit the demands of a reduced workforce, all while prioritising occupant well-being. Tailoring the mechanical and electrical design to suit a smaller staff size not only reduces costs but also enhances profitability, crafting a new space that seamlessly caters to occupant needs with optimal efficiency in lighting, heating, ventilation, and electricity usage.

Project Background:

With the paradigm shift in work dynamics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional office spaces faced challenges in adaptation. Many companies sought to downsize their office footprint while maintaining optimal comfort and functionality. Built Interiors recognised this trend and positioned itself as a leader in reconfiguring office spaces to accommodate the changing landscape of work.


Challenges Faced:

One of the primary challenges encountered in the Spaces office reconfiguration project was the intricate mechanical and electrical (M&E) installation within a bustling cellular steel roof deck. Overcoming this obstacle required meticulous coordination between the design team and contractors, exemplifying the collaborative spirit crucial for project success.

Successes Achieved:

Despite the complexities, Built Interiors achieved a successful and safe completion of the project, meeting all program timelines, budgetary constraints, and maintaining the highest standards of quality. Moreover, the project facilitated the establishment of a robust relationship with Spaces as a new client, while also reinforcing existing partnerships with design teams and supply chain associates.

Innovative Solutions Implemented:

Built Interiors leveraged its expertise in design and construction to streamline the project execution process. By adopting a design-and-build approach, the company ensured seamless coordination among all stakeholders, from initial conceptualisation to final handover. This holistic approach allowed for efficient problem-solving and timely decision-making, essential for overcoming project hurdles.

Key Factors Contributing to Success:

The success of the Spaces office reconfiguration project can be attributed to Built Interiors' extensive experience and flexibility. The project team demonstrated a deep understanding of construction intricacies, leveraging their diverse skill set to deliver a robust core build with impeccable finishes. This adaptability and proficiency were instrumental in fulfilling Spaces' vision for a dynamic, functional and collaborative workspace.


Through its adept handling of the Spaces office reconfiguration project, Built Interiors reaffirmed its position as a leading provider of innovative construction solutions tailored to the evolving needs of modern workplaces. By embracing challenges with creativity and expertise, Built Interiors continues to set new benchmarks in the realm of office reconfiguration, ensuring that workspaces of the future are not just functional but also inspiring hubs of productivity and collaboration.

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