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SCOR, Windmill Lane

Built Interiors' Office Reconfiguration for SCOR at Windmill Lane, Dublin 2

Client Overview:

Built Interiors undertook an office reconfiguration project for SCOR, a global reinsurance company, at Windmill Lane, Dublin 2. The project aimed to customise a spacious office area to meet SCOR's specific requirements and enhance occupant well-being.

Project Scope:

Office reconfiguration involves adjusting larger office spaces to align with tenants' changing needs. In this instance, Built Interiors spearheaded the transformation of the third floor at Windmill Lane for SCOR. Despite the challenge of working within an existing layout, the team prioritised tailoring the space to suit SCOR's reduced workforce while optimising efficiency in lighting, heating, ventilation, and electricity usage.

Key Challenges:

Access and egress for personnel and materials presented a significant challenge due to the project's location on the third floor. Restricted drilling times and the absence of build drawings further complicated the process, necessitating thorough assessment of mechanical and electrical systems before alterations could proceed.


Successes Achieved:

Despite logistical hurdles, Built Interiors successfully completed the project, demonstrating adaptability and problem-solving skills. Importing furniture pods from the UK required meticulous documentation to comply with customs regulations. The project's success was attributed to Built Interiors' experienced management team, which effectively addressed on-site issues.


Solutions Implemented:

Built Interiors leveraged its expertise in office fit-outs to anticipate and resolve potential design and build challenges. Drawing from past projects, the team effectively managed the project timeline and ensured seamless execution. Their proactive approach and comprehensive understanding of workspace reconfiguration enabled them to deliver a tailored solution that met SCOR's needs.


Key Factors Contributing to Success:

Built Interiors' experience and flexibility were instrumental in the project's success. Their thorough knowledge of fit-outs and proactive problem-solving approach helped mitigate challenges and keep the project on schedule. By leveraging insights from previous projects, Built Interiors delivered a high-quality office reconfiguration that exceeded SCOR's expectations.


Through its adept handling of the SCOR office reconfiguration project, Built Interiors reaffirmed its reputation as a reliable partner in transforming office spaces to meet the evolving needs of clients.

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