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Shopping Mall Interiors

Common Data Environment

This is simply the digital place where the information lives and is accessible to all. With vast amounts of digital data being created and shared during a project’s lifecycle, the CDE becomes an ideal environment in which to promote a collaborative working culture.

It is the foundation from which our Built Interiors team facilitate, manage and share project information between multi-disciplined teams in a managed process throughout the project lifecycle.

Interior Design

Real-time information sharing systems

The CDE is not just a place to share geometric information from the 3D model. Other information such as registers, schedules, contracts, reports and model information is all shared, building on the concept of a “federated” model by bringing everyone’s information together in a virtual space. This type of information sharing, collaborative culture reduces the amount of time spent by our project and site managers looking for information, and reduces the need for rework and snags.


Safety Inductions

We’ve  created an online safety induction for all staff, visitors and subcontractors to complete before they come to site. A good safety induction covers important safety topics such as confined spaces, hazards to be aware of, how to report an incident, how to act and behave in the workplace and among your coworkers, what to do when something goes wrong, understanding important safety policies and procedures and getting an acknowledgement that the inductee has read and understood these areas.

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