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Growth, Collaboration, and Safety: Built Interiors' Year in Focus

As we look back on the accomplishments of the Built Interiors team in 2023, we acknowledge the significant strides made over the past 12 months. It has undeniably been a landmark year for our business, marked by the expansion of our portfolio with dedicated long-term clients, entry into new sectors, and a sustained commitment to prioritising health, safety, and sustainability.

Our Largest Project to Date: David Lloyd Gym Refurbishment 

Led by founder and Managing Director Barry Keenan, 2023 saw the Built Interiors Team finish our largest project to date - a complete interior refurbishment of the massive David Lloyd Leisure Club in Sandyford.

This multi-million-euro project showcased the full range of Built Interiors' integrated services. We handled everything from design work and construction planning through to fit-out, mechanical & electrical installations, and handover of the 55,000 sq. ft. facility which remained operational and open to its 7,000-plus members throughout renovations.

The large scale of the David Lloyd Gym Project demonstrated our ability to seamlessly manage complex occupied builds, safely with zero-risks on-site, and with minimal disruption to our clients’ business operations.

Navigating Challenges: Designing Creatively While Complying with Regulations

This year, we encountered challenges, but rather than merely overcoming them, we thrived. A notable hurdle in our extensive David Lloyd Gym refurbishment project was creatively adapting a UK design to align with Irish regulations.

This goal's achievement was so significant that our project was shortlisted for Best Hospitality and Leisure Project at the Fit Out Awards 2023. This acknowledgment highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering state-of-the-art large-scale interior refurbishments, fit-outs across Ireland.

Expanding Our Reach

Beyond the David Lloyd project, within the office and workplace sector, we completed multiple sizeable fit-outs and refurbishments for prominent professional services and tenants. 

In partnership with TODD Architects Ltd.Marson Contracting CoDuke McCaffrey, and Michael Daughton we handled a school project small works scheme for Kildare Place National School. Executing this project in close proximity to an operational National School showcased the positive collaborative approach embraced by our construction team.

Prioritising Health and Safety: A Non-Negotiable Commitment

Construction sites inherently pose dangers to workers, pedestrians, and visitors. Unfortunately, Irish workplaces experience an annual average of twenty casualties resulting from incidents involving mobile plants and vehicles. Furthermore, falls from roofs, scaffolds, or ladders stand as the leading cause of death in the Irish construction industry, accounting for 40% of all construction fatalities

At Built Interiors, our objective is to continuously challenge and surpass the norms represented by these statistics. We strongly believe that in the construction industry, worksite safety is non-negotiable. Our commitment to health and safety led us to explore and communicate a clear vision for the safety of our team, employees, contractors, and neighbours.

This year, like every year, our focus at Built Interiors has been comprehensive in ensuring safety. From creating a zero-risk zone to fostering good mental health within our construction teams.

We treat every month as though it were CIF Construction Safety Month at Built Interiors - we are all about reducing risk and optimising safety on our construction sites. We place great emphasis on effective daily health and safety management by means of education, training and awareness; it’s a key part of our culture.

Green Building and Sustainability 

Sustainability is a key priority for Built Interiors. From discussing why people prefer green buildings to their work on the decarbonisation of existing structures, the team promotes environmentally-friendly construction practices.

On June 5th, we commemorated World Environment Day at Built Interiors, emphasising the principles of decarbonisation, embodied carbon reduction, and the refurbishment of existing buildings.

This is because a green building is good for employees’ health and productivity, good for business, and ultimately good for the bottom line. CBRE’s landmark study “Do Green Buildings Make Dollars and Sense?” found that tenants in green buildings reported an average of 2.88 fewer sick days in their current gr een office versus their previous non-green office.

There are also huge savings on overheads, with the US Green Building Council reporting that green building retrofit projects typically decrease commercial building operation costs by almost 10% in just one year.

With this in mind Built Interiors is continuing to commit to decarbonise our construction projects to reduce the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions.

Building for the Future

As we near the end of another year marked by growth, we reflect with satisfaction on the accomplishments at Built Interiors. The dedication and expertise of our team have played a crucial role in these achievements. We take pride in our diverse team, comprised of passionate individuals with varied gender, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences who have joined us in contributing to our success.

We also wish to thank our clients, suppliers, and the communities we serve for your ongoing support this coming year and beyond.

In 2024, we aim to capitalise on our success and leverage our strategic position to actively pursue new tenders, fueled by the sustained robust demand in the Irish construction market. Our primary objective for the year is to elevate sustainable building practices and surpass client expectations. We anticipate another year marked by substantial growth and notable achievements.

For more insights into how Built Interiors can enhance and contribute to the success of your project, visit our website or get in touch. We look forward to engaging with you.

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