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We Built something really special in 2022

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

When it comes to fitting out interior spaces, it really is about what’s inside that counts. And construction is in the DNA of every member of the Built team. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, and right the first time. Going by what we achieved in 2022 for our clients, our business and everyone who works with us, it looks like we really are getting it right.

Our client-focused process

One of the key aspects of what makes us so effective is our ability to go into a live, operating building and carry out top quality work with minimal disruption to our clients’ businesses. Working around the functions of a fully functioning live space before or after hours, and even during lunch breaks where necessary, the people using the areas beside where we are working hardly even notice we’re there.

In addition to a client-collaborative construction process that would deliver an exceptional project, this was a key requirement on the full reception and landlord refurbishment of Merchants House for our repeat client, Sonbrook, where there were multiple office tenants in the building and continuity of services had to be maintained.

Going above and beyond is the only way we know

Our attention to detail and delivering work we, as well as our clients, can be proud of is to be found on projects like the fitout we completed in 2022 for Three Ireland in their store in Scotch Hall, Drogheda.

Scotch Hall, Drogheda

Scotch Hall, Drogheda

But it’s not simply about meeting our clients’ expectations, it’s about exceeding them and bringing the wow factor to every project we take on. As the main contractor and project supervisor construction stage (PCS) on the refurbishment of David Lloyd, Donnybrook, this was our focus on the fitout of their new studios and health spa, complete with hydro pool and heat experience, a new lounge, full restaurant and reception upgrade.

David Lloyd, Dublin

David Lloyd, Dublin

Our team is Built like a family

The level of service, quality, value for money and customer satisfaction that Built Interiors consistently provides all depends on one thing: our people. The way we’ve come to understand the secret of our success, our people don’t simply work for the company, our people are the company. We’re like a family unit. There’s a sense of trust and reassurance on every project. The skills, knowledge and expertise across the team are so wide and varied that if one person does not have the answer on a particular task, they can always turn to another team member who will.

Like in any family, looking after each other is what we do. So it was great to be awarded the Safe T Cert in 2022, a nationally recognised benchmark that is proof of our commitment to safety protocols.

The Built family is growing

As our success continues, so too does our need for like minded, ambitious people. Every day is a day for learning. And with every little bit of experience and knowledge, our philosophy is that we are building exceptional people.

With most of the team having started out ‘on the tools’, with a deep understanding of the construction process, Built Interiors provides an environment where you will be valued, nurtured and rewarded, with plenty of room to grow and develop your career.

If you’d like to be part of what we’re building, or have an upcoming project in mind that we could be the ideal partner on, why not get in touch with the team at Built Interiors today?

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