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Promoting Mental Health in Construction with Lighthouse Charity

In the dynamic world of construction, the physical demands are visibly immense, but the mental and emotional toll on workers is often less acknowledged. At Built Interiors, we understand that building a supportive environment extends beyond the physical structures we create; it’s about nurturing the wellbeing of every person involved in the process. This commitment drives our proud support of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, a vital beacon of hope and help for our industry’s workforce.

The Lighthouse Charity plays an indispensable role in championing the mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing of construction workers and their families. With construction workers being up to three times more likely to commit suicide than other professions, the support offered by the charity is not just helpful; it's crucial. They provide a 24/7 helpline and offer emergency financial aid, mental health support, and advice on welfare and wellbeing, all specifically tailored to the needs of the construction community.

Built Interiors is dedicated to amplifying the reach and impact of these services. Our collaboration with the Lighthouse Charity is a testament to our core belief that every employee, from apprentices to senior staff, deserves to feel secure, valued, and heard. Mental health is a pivotal part of our company culture, and by partnering with the Lighthouse, we ensure that our team has access to professional, confidential, and compassionate assistance whenever they need it.

We actively participate in not only raising awareness but also in fostering an industry-wide culture where mental health is prioritised. Our commitment reflects our broader mission: to build interiors that are not only spaces of beauty and functionality but also environments where the wellbeing of the people who create them is held in the highest regard.

Together with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, Built Interiors is building more than just spaces; we’re constructing a foundation for a healthier, more supportive industry.

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