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Future Proofing Your Fit-out

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Built Interiors explains why a tenant fit-out goes far beyond the move-in stage.

What is it and why do we do it?

A tenant fit-out involves designing and creating a space tailored for a tenant's individual needs. The design spans a huge range of areas and includes the provision of everything from furniture placement to flooring, from paint colours to lighting, from energy usage to smart building technology and any other elements required to make the space feel comfortable, functional, and welcoming.

Spending the time customising and personalising the space during this process allows for the creation of a welcoming atmosphere and provides the functionality and adaptability needed for growing and evolving businesses. The office of today needs to cater for a wider range of activities than those of the past. Individual, private, focus spaces must coexist beside open, bright, collaborative spaces as the needs of the company and individuals vary by department and over time.

Office spaces need to be designed not only for the needs of today but with the capacity to evolve for the needs of the future. There are ever-changing standards of security, technology and comfort and spaces need to be ready to pivot on demand.

But what about the cost of a fit-out?

Often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a tenant fit out is the cost. However, there are many reasons why a tenant fit out is important beyond just the initial investment. Looking at the fit-out costs in isolation gives only half of the picture. Here we explain in more detail three of the reasons why the design is so important for the future of a workspace and the team that calls it home.

1. Productivity Inside the “Comfort-Zone”

Employers invest a lot of time and resources to hire the best talent, but sometimes even the best talents need to be nurtured to work their magic. There are many studies which demonstrate that there is a strong relationship between the physical appeal and comfort in the workplace and how much employees deliver. When done right, the tenant fit-out design directly fosters an environment of efficiency.

This feeling of comfort paired with the maximisation of employee potential fosters an environment of growth and collaboration. When employees are happy and fulfilled, they don’t look for new opportunities and this leads to the, sometimes unrecognised, benefits of savings on recruitment and training of new employees as well as the retention of knowledge experts.

2. Safety, Security, Privacy

Safety, security and privacy are universally important. Just the same as in our home environment, if a tenant feels like they are lacking privacy or security they will be uncomfortable and will likely choose to leave. Safety encompasses many different aspects of the fit-out from secure locks and doors in the office, to fire alarms and security systems, right down to the proper wiring of electrical outlets.

Advances in technology, software, data analytics, video, and telecommunications are enabling employers to improve workplace safety in a variety of ways, such as better monitoring employees' health, reducing physical stress, and keeping personnel out of harm's way. This can be achieved through the use of mobile apps, machine sensors, cloud-based software, predictive analytics, real-time employee monitoring and tracking and PPE tracking with embedded sensors, etc.

The tenant fit-out needs to be designed in such a way that the security infrastructure not only meets the needs of today but can also adapt to the evolving needs of the business and in line with technological advances. Taking this step at the right time will eliminate the need for costly stripping and reinstalling of services which can become obsolete all too quickly.

3. Your Building, Your Brand

Your office interior is part of your brand message. It is vital that the fit-out reflects your commitment to high standards. An inviting and welcoming space with carefully considered design can really help the tenants to settle in and inspire the current staff by increasing happiness and productivity. It doubles as a selling point to impress clients, visitors, and potential future employees.

Don’t just look at it as a space to work in. Consider it your adaptable canvas to advertise who you are. For example, do you value sustainability above all else? If so, have you considered material efficiency and prioritised selecting materials that are sustainable? Or are you an innovator in your field known for the latest technological advancements? Then you won’t be happy with an old-fashioned sign-in sheet or a projector for presentations, you will want to incorporate the latest in interactive touch screen displays and virtual wayfinding.

Consistency is key and it is vital that your core values are reflected in your office. Otherwise, it could cost you much more than a fit-out design, it could even cost you your clients.

It is clear from this short list alone why a tenant fit-out is important for more than just the fit-out stage. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you to futureproof your fit-out, get in touch today!

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